21 October 2010

Makeup Valley - More value, more fun, MORE looks!


 Looks i came up with using Makeup Valley eye shadow palette

 Makeup Valley, a newly established Singapore-based blogshop selling make up related products. Some of the products we will be selling are Eye Shadow Make up Palettes, Concealer Make up Palettes, Blush Palettes and more. These palettes are similar to those that are from Coastal Scents and BH Cosmetics USA and they are highly pigmented and an alternative for those who have low budget. These products are safe for use as we already had some girls with sensitive skin using them. Ingredients of the products are printed on the boxes of all palettes to inform our customers what are used in these products. 

See how the items are packed!

Perfect gift ideas for girls! ^.^
Safety of arrival: (Postage, courier, cash on delivery, meet ups and pick ups)
Items are bubble-wrapped four times with newspaper cushioning! CONFIRM COME IN GOOD STATE! No choice, ladyboss Singaporean, very Kiasu. Lol.

This is the 88 palette i got! I chose this becox i see the beauty of creating different looks with it!
The left third - Natural / Nude look
The center third - Fun playful happy look
And the right third - Night/ Sensual and Sexy look! Woohoo!

The lip palette Makeup Valley sent.
Omg, i'm so spoiled for choice!

 I'm just gonna play with the makeup! Here we go!

FUN / HAPPY look


 Something loud and cheerful ^.^ So we play with colour!

 The lashes are photoshopped hor, don't ask me where i buy. LOL.
I added in a little bit of my own shimmer all over becox i wanna sparkle!
But Makeup Valley has their own shimmer series, so you might like that too!

These are the colours that i used!
I dab a bit of the nude colour in the center of the area cox i don't want a whole slab of colour.

Okay i know the pink highlight is not natural but i don't wanna be boring-natural!
Lol. Plus it looks like cute-natural. Hehehe!


 Colours i used.



 I want to marry myself now.


Added shimmer powder at the brow bone area where i applied the off-white colour from the palette.

 Colours i used

I used the lip colours as to what i deem fit, but i don't think  made the best choices, so you guys are better, mix and match the lip colours with different looks!

Some other products i thought you might like from the Makeup Valley

 All in one blusher palette.

 This is the ultimate combi to achieve various looks!

For the ones who prefer to stay neutral and warm.
Safe colours that will make your eyes look deep and sexeeyyy~

1 choice of your 88 palette
1 lip palette
1 concealer palette (15pots)
1 blush palette
8 piece brush set
AT ONLY 110SGD with free delivery.
Save up to $26!


120 palette
1 concealer palette (15pots)
1 blush palette
8 piece brush set
AT ONLY 100SGD with free delivery.
Save up to 27 SGD!!

Buy any three palettes and enjoy a discount of 10%off
Buy any two and enjoy 5% off
Quote “Qiuqiu” and enjoy free non-standard normal postage

Don't wait! Make use of all this multiple promotions now! Having all the colours you need in one box, and yet it's so affordable! Convenience and Value at it's highest.

Makeup Valley does shipping worldwide via Singpost Air Mail too! So cheers!

Go get your palettes now! ^.^


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Anonymous said...

OMG, so tempting. They look like Coastal Sand eyeshadow palettes but at a cheaper price!!

QiuQiu said...

Go get it! ^.^

Very fun to play with also!

Alicia Tan said...

When is the promotion until?

Selena said...
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Selena said...

How do you make your background like that in Photoshop (with the pictures of you, I mean)? Like there's a focus on the center, fades surrounding background black, and adds a more dramatic focus in the center of the photo?

QiuQiu said...

Selena, i think you mean vigniting..

You just have to select the area you want to stand out, go to SELECT - INVERSE. Then it'd be selecting the outer corners. And then you go to Levels - Pull the levels to darken the corners =)

Bubbles:D said...

Hi , may i know where to download photoshop?