22 October 2010

Gula Malacca!

So i made a short trip to Malacca! Mainly just to eat and shop! And nope, no pictures of their streets and their local food like chendol and chicken rice balls. You can google-image those. Lol. Sorry, not a lifestyle blog, it's a very self-absorb blog. HAHAHA.

The thing i love MOST about Malacca is that almost at every other corner (even if it's the town area) there'd be nostalgic little things all around the corner. Not comparing, but being there in Malacca makes me feel good, as if it's 10 - 15 years ago in Singapore, back to when i was a kid.

Favouritest sight i caught in Malacca when we got to Jonker Street.

That's Vivien!

And you'd think this is Song Hye Gyo. WRONG.
That day i dress up in the Japanese-Tourist-Inspired style. LOLOL.
So i am more like Lena Fujii. HAHAHAHA!

This is her.
Yah i know, Qiuting, why don't you go and die after you stuff monkey's shit into your mouth?
Hahahaa! Lena is SO HOT! Lol. But at least i also got flora and denim =DDD Lol.
Plus i got straw hat, she don't have! Lol!!!

This is what i mean by random things you'd see along streets of Malacca and then it'd carry you away for a moment.. This mini little house just appear out of nowhere.

Got freaky figure behind me standing at the window. Hehe.

Vivien and Da Tou wawa.

This is so old school! They sell all the childhood toys i used to play with!

Two 鳳飛飛s on the cab =D

Ice cream to cool off from the heat!
Note to self: Qiuting i believe in you, you are Lena-Fujii-inspired,
you are not Parking-Summon-Auntie-Inspired.

Vivien and i ^.^

I bought some stuff from Malacca, includes cute rompers at RM5 each. FUCKING CRAZY!

Show you guys again!

Trip up to Malacca on coach, send to hotel (Makhota hotel) with breakfast (YUMS!) included for twin sharing in one bedroom apartment suite (with kitchen, living room etc, my room got pool view and balcony! Damn shiok! Lol. Vivien's room got seaview some more!) and coach ride back to Sg, cost about $98 per pax, with all mentioned included. Woo hoo~

So much great food and decent shopping in Malacca! I need more than 2D1N there! At least 3D2N! And i went on a weekday =(( No night markets. MAJORLY SAD! If not Jonker area got CRAZY night market!!! Cheap and super a lot of clothing, accessories, bags, slippers AND THE MOST YUMMIESTEST SAUSAGES IN THE WORLD!!! =(((

It's so great having no job. Lol. You just go anywhere you can afford to go. Haha. Yeah, but that's provided you can still earn a little bit without a job. Hahaha.


Anonymous said...

jus being random...ur skin nice ah......the outbreak from ur previous post like not real loh(not trying to provoke u)...i mean its hard 2 believe...

Anonymous said...

hey whr did you get your dress? =)

QiuQiu said...

Anon1, makeup and photoshop = l

Anon2, www.sundaynine.wordpress.com

chloe said...

where did you get your whole package to malacca from?

QiuQiu said...

Chloe, Grassland =))