07 September 2011

H&M Opening in Singapore!!!

Thanks to Wendy (Xiaxue yes! i am very confused also on how to tag her on my blog O.O) for the invite to the H&M Singapore opening!!! LOOK AT HER! Pink hairrrrrrrr~~!! Lol.

The opening for "VIPs" is one day before the grand opening and look at the picture above! There were already people queuing outside H&M!!! O.O For the opening TOMORROW. Madness!!! I think they get to receive some vouchers if they are the top 50 people to enter. OKAY I GIVE IT TO THEM! That's the spirit! Lolol.

Sophie and i ^.^

Actually i had lotsa chances to visit H&M in Hong Kong when i was staying there and working there for a while BUT i thought the prices were really not THAT cheap when i have night market right across the street you know what i mean. Like those are pretty decent fashionable stuff, selling at fraction of the price.

But now H&M Singapore is here and i'm all excited!!! Becox it'd be like my next loveshop other than Cotton On. Lolol. And becox Cotton On is constantly lowering their prices, i am now only willing to pay $5 max for their stuff. So.. I guess newer is most of the time better (in cases like shopping). Lolol.


Sophie and i were both SEVERELY UNDER-DRESSED. I thought it was gonna be a shopping thing! Who knows all the cool people are there, all dressed to kill O.O And they were all sipping champagne looking expensive. And yes, ZHOR DENG-ING.

It's not-right to ask someone super dressed up, looking like a socialite, sipping champagne, flashing the million-dollar smile talking to friends, to.. SIAM. I WANT TO SEE THAT ONE and YOU ARE BLOCKING MY WAY.

Them all over the accessories.

Lol Wendy looking very happy and excited here. I think maybe cox she just managed to grab a shopping bag.

HI. MY BAG ALSO CAN BE BRANDED ONE. Lolol. This one design in the shop looks similar to my bag design LOL.

One more shot before we officially start shopping and go separate ways. Lol.

It's like Sophie is just going out for things that looks pretty basic. Lol. Like.. A pair of shoes that looks like what she's wearing. A pair of shorts that looks like what she already might have, yes it's chio but still!!!

I'm going for price tags lolol. Anything below $17.90, got chance! Cox after 20% discount (only for guests that day), it's about $14.35!!! TAKE. Lolol. Cox branded!!! And i'm all going for accessories! Their accessories all quite chio one!!! BUT!!! My favourite part was shopping at the kids and baby section on the third floor!!! YES. H&M IS THREE STOREYS ONE!!! Majorly big.

Wendy.. Was going for everything. Lolol. Really!!! She took SO MUCH STUFF. Heng she rational a bit, put back like half of her grabs. Lol.

First floor only and her bag already got quite a lot of stuff. Lol.

Then we got lost and finally meet back to pay for the stuff and Wendy got this pair of gloves.. Which she insist is very chio and high-class and elegant. Lolol. So this is her trying to work it. Haha ^.^

Wendy: Elegant ma? Cleaning lady behind: O.O *stunned*

After H&M we went to rest out legs. THESE ARE ALL WE GOT! Okay lah, out of which three small bags are actually door gift bag lolol.

We spent 2hours 45minutes in the shop!!! And say really, i'm not 100% done!!! There were much stuff i couldn't really see cox there were too many people around and they were just hanging there talking and looking cool and looking good *sourgrape cox i underdress that day lolol*

And so much stuff i put back cox i scared i'd spend more than $200. Which is the budget i gave myself cox i was thinking of getting stuff for bf! BUT. In the end i spent $97 only. Money meant to be spent but saved = money i earned. Lolol. So i earned $103 that night by spending only $97 =DDD Make sense not?

Us at the dessert shop.

And one more!

STUFF THAT I GOT!!!!!!!!!!

My own best buy - The socks!!!!!!!!! Got polka dot and flora one!!! And this big knitted headband. High bu high fashion? Lolol. And the two cute red bow clips!

Got three cute dresses and two pairs of socks for baby Yurou. And a set of bangles for my other niece. The bangles super cute one i also want but too small for me. And Kaykay was right, i pretend say buy for niece, actually go home i try on first to see if i can wear or not. Lolol.

Got this abstract pattern dress and one set of rings (i think got like 10 over rings!!!!!!) plus one set of bangles. Omg SUPER WORTH IT. So many you can wear them together or separately.

The bracelets were door gifts. Very pretty also!!!

Got 3 pairs of warm-tone colour socks with sweet knitted details and one basic tee for bf.

There, that's everything i got! Except my dress and bf's Tshirt, all of them are below $10. Mostly $2.90 to $7.90.

When can i go back again leh! Tell me when the crowd not so overly enthu lol. I want to go buy the clothes!!! So many all $14.90 - $17.90 one. H&M Singapore, I LOVE YOU. Lolol.

Thanks to Wendy for the invite cox i really super super happy that day =DDD

IN CASE any of you blur blur don't know where it is yet,


H&M Singapore 
Orchard Building 1 Grange Road Singapore 239693

I even added the postal code for your GPS. Lolol considerate not?


Ida said...

Is this the first H&M ever in Singapore??? Wow.. ö
- Ida / couturexx.blogspot.com

smokë said...

So packed there. OMG. Do a haul video qiuqiu!

Anonymous said...

love love love your blog!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice purchases ! But eh the ppl there why dress under so over one? It's like cmon you're shopping not some fancy dinner at hotel or something -.-.

Fiona said...

omg you're so cute the way you blog!! Haahahaa!

Anonymous said...

woah cnt stand it, why u so cheapo!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THE WAY U BLOG. you're so real and mad cute also! keep blogging! =D

xiaomui said...

you wearing the ribbon jeans , in blue color right?

Anonymous said...

I love ur blog and ur personality! U r soo cute!!! And pretty!

Anonymous said...

Don't care abt ppl who say u r cheapo. They are acting high class lor! It's like we love things that are worth the price. What's the problem with those blog readers seriously. Come here to read blog should appreciate what you had written mah!

A Precious Mind said...

You girls are so lucky to be invited to such events and I am very happy for you - you really deserve it. :)
I loooove the gloves Xiaxue picked out. I've been wanting some like these for ages now. I definetly must go and find them in H&M Germany (I hope they sell them here as well^^).

Much Love,

Raihana Izzati said...

You are super cute and super humble.
guess wendy spend how much eh?

♥, SHERMAINE. said...

which level did you get the socks ? :D

Anonymousmich said...

<33333333 H&M too I've been waiting for it's opening in Singapore for 8 months already! YEAH!

But too bad I live in Malaysia, anyhow, now I have the closest H&M which is in Singapore! Instead of HK :S

Btw, the prices that you aim to get from Cotton On, don't they run out of sizes when is under SGD5?


Anonymous said...

QQ where did you get ur blue cardigian from?

Anonymous said...

how much were the rings?

Anonymous said...


Margareta Vania said...

i see my friend brings some H&M Products from Singapore..really cool design and so many asian style in there :)

i'm from http://margaretavania.blogspot.com :D excuse me for the link...

QiuQiu said...

Hello~~ Got the socks from third floor lingerie level i think. Or was it second? Lingerie side!!!

Rings were $3.90 or $4.90 i forgot man =( Bangles were $7.90 confirm!

louie said...

When I was living in London, H&M was on sale most of the time and all the chio clothes were all less than £10!!

High street brands that cost half! Super loves!

ahlost said...

beginning to love reading your blog.. hehehe.. 2nd Sg blogger that I like <3

why malaysia no H&M one??

Anonymous said...

Babe, may i noe where u got ur ribbon jeans tat u wore? tks:)