29 September 2011

Samantha Thavasa is ❤

Celebrity alert! Jessica Michibata in the middle, Genna on the left and Gillian on the right ^.^
Thank you for the invite!

Was at the Samantha Thavasa VIP + Media preview party the other day and it was SO AWESOME!!! It was held at Salt Sky bar which is at ION. Exciting part is.. It's located on the 55th floor!!! =O
Say really i didn't even know ION has a 55th floor O.O And there's like this secret path to get there lol. Inside got Wendy's friend one. Lolol. It's a joke lah, it's just this painting of a girl with pink hair and when Wendy saw it she was like "EH. My friend" lol.

This is Jessica Michibata! Click to view other colours of the Samantha Thavasa Riette collection ^.^

Wendy help snap a shot of me with Jessica M!!! =DDD Hi, i have center-parting, so does Jessica M. Lol.

Her taking this polariod thing very seriously. I'm not going to show you all my polariod becox one, mine is really not nice =(( Two, i forgot to take picture of it anyway. Lol.

Sophie, Kaykay, Wendy and Jy + Jq! =D

Rem this picture from last year?! My first time seeing XIAXUE ever. And the only picture i manage to snap, turned out blur one.

Hi, this time i have a better camera, good sunlight and.. Wendy has pink hair.

Yutaki was there too =D

And Eric who is foreveroverdressed!!! It's a good thing thou! Can see he super on, go write Samantha Thavasa on his body. Lol.

Found two balls of flower = camwhore time.
My dress is from Miuee!

I help Sophie take one!!! Nice not!!! With Kaykay photobombing her by accident lol.

And the camwhore-genius who discover this source of light is Yutaki lol. And then FHL, ALL of us flocked to the same area to camwhore. Lol. I did too, but didn't turn out nice, pui.

Super enjoy the event cox.. The food was really good. LOL. AND also!!!

Almost all the bloggers i am in contact with, are there. So it's like everyone knows everyone. I cannot mix around with strangers =S Will definitely look at floor, go to wall and draw circles with fingers, if i'm left to mingle with strangers. Lol #thisiswhyiamablogger #notsociable lolol.

Door gift that day LOVE IT!!!!

Tiramisu marshmallow and strawberry marshmallow =DDD It's very yums!!!

Extra love from Samantha Thavasa!!! Cute little heart locket on the pouch with Samantha Thavasa on it! And yes it's..

❤ ❤ ❤ HELLO KITTY ❤ ❤ ❤
Cute ma?! Not asking about me ah, asking about the pouch. Lol.

After carrying the pouch, got instantly look cuter by 30% not? This one is asking about me. Lol.

I super artistic. I took this shot myself. Haha.

A picture of me and my Samantha Thavasa Hello Kitty pouch =DDD

Visit Samantha Thavasa Singapore facebook page for their latest designs in store! Also they sometimes hold limited-time promotion so be sure to like their page to be informed =D


Anonymous said...

Does Eric has a blog?!

Jovis said...

Wow! u and Jessica M look like twins in the 3rd picture! =D and you're so funny especially the part when u say u will look at floor, go to wall and draw circles with your fingers if you were alone. LOLOL! I like u! *cheers ;)

Happy walker said...
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Exuvalia said...

Love your dress, where did you get it from? >_<

Stephanie Ee said...

You and Jessica M look like sister! Pretty pretty!

Beatrice Liew said...

No doubt the Hello Kitty pouch is cute but you're cuter! Honest! =D

Jamilla Camel said...

What a great event! You all look gorgeous!

shi jia said...

You look like Jessica Michibata!

Anonymous said...

Hi, u look more pretty with double eyelid, can consider having double eyelid surgery :)

andrea said...

you totally look like jessica michibata!!! just her nose a little more prominent at the top of the bridge that's all!

Anonymous said...

http://technology.xin.msn.com/blog.aspx?cp-documentid=4883590&page=7 hey are u aware that xinmsn has used your photo here?

Anonymous said...

Eric has a blog :) 


Anonymous said...

Honestly you're more attractive than Jessica M, especially your dressing. Love all the colours on you, so nice :). & freaking love the blue bag!

Anonymous said...

hi qiuqiu (: can i ask if the hello kitty pouch is in sale at samantha thavasa store or did you get it specially from the event only cause it seems that you,kay kay and xiaxue have it. thank you so much (:

QiuQiu said...

Eric's blog address is http://therealericlim.blogspot.com

Wah now i have one more lookalike in my scroll.

Hello Kitty pouch can get from Samantha Thavasa store at ION B2! ^.^

Anonymous said...

Do JQ and JY have blogs?

Anonymous said...

Why just you can't speak properly like the "tried and tested" girl?

smokë said...

You actually resembles Jessica! OMG your new twins! C: Eric is always chio! Either thick eyeliner or super lashes C:

That pouch is so cute!

Anonymous said...

what eyelid tape/glue do you use? and what brand/colour contact lens in this entry?
thanks!! :)

Jolean said...

Where do you all buy the polariod`s decorating items?

Jolean said...

Where did you all bought the polariod`s decorating items?

Anonymous said...

Do you happen to know any upcoming fleas in the next couple of weeks?

In said...

Does JQ have a blog? ;))))))))))))