06 October 2010

Hi, it's my first time..

It's my first time blogging on the iPhone! I hope this smart phone won't screw me up with the auto-dictionary. I know I can switch that function off but other than the fact that this iPhone doesn't know Hokkien, most Singlish and my self-created words (like bestestest and thankuthanku which I love to use becox it looks like an Indian name, thankuthanku) this phone actually helped me a lot in spelling. Lol.

Okay crap aside. I was at Chinatown today with my gfs (since secondary school) and I was really really happy we're hanging out like old days, they tease me, i tease them more. We hardly meet each other these days cox they both hold jobs (and I have no job but is too lazy to head out) things happened along the way but friends, I mean good friends.. They just never leave you.

And it's good to have bffs not doing the same thing as you! REALLY!

I'm only saying that becox I'm trying to be nice becox Michelle got me a mask from Korea. Lolol.

iPhone suck balls at blogging. So damn hard to scroll and all. So bye!

Show you pictures of Zhen, Mich and i again ^.^ Thank God i have normal friends.


Anonymous said...

is ur friend by any chance selling korean beauty products at blogspot?

QiuQiu said...

Oh no, she just went there for vacation =))