25 October 2010

In five years time..

Who do you REALLY think you will be?

Who do you REALLY think you can be?

Who do you REALLY want to be?

Can we be realistic, and still be happy to keep our dreams alive?

What's your dream? Is it realistic? How can dreams be realistic anyway, you wanna ask. But take it in the sense i say dream, meaning goal. But goal just sound so.. Corporate and un-dreamy. Lol. So let's say dream like saying goals. More mong-huan like that. Hahaha.

In five years time, i wanna own a small little business, selling cute little things, at the most affordable prices. Things that i would buy, myself. It's always been my dream to own a little cozy shop, since i was really young.

I am wise enough to know and understand by now that there are things in life, that are just not meant for me to own. At least not in this life. Hehe. BUT! There are also things that are meant to be mine! Like a cheaper bag, a cheaper pencil case, a cheaper pair of shoes, all of that, BUT CHIOER! ^.^

Things that still look decent but at a much lower price than the others. And people will actually believe me if i say i bought them at a much higher price! Lol.

I used to lie A LOT about the prices of the stuff i own, back in primary school days. Haha! Shameful to tell cox i know CONFIRM mine will be the cheapest among the clique. I even lied about being on a plane before. LOLOL!

OMG!!! Why last time i so loser one!!! Like come back from one month school holiday, and everyone's sharing where they flew with their family. I'd be like, YEAH I BEEN THERE TOO! Nabei.. People go Australia, i'd be like YEAH I BEEN THERE TOO! People go Hong Kong, i also YEAH I BEEN THERE TOO! One month i don't know go how many places lor!!! Very lousy liar =( I've never been on a plane until i was 19! Haha!

And sometime along the way i met really good friends that i can be honest with, like Shalyn, Janice and then later Mich and Zhen (and must mention Gem if not i really will have a hard time).. I start to feel great to own cheap but (relatively) NICE things! And good people don't judge me for that.

I mean.. See how likable i am doing Budget Barbie. HAHAHAHA.
Yah what, why, i cannot praise myself is it? Lol! Can! I always do!

Anyway, i digressed a lot.

My point is, who do you wanna be? How far would you go for that?

Is it worth it? Some where along it, you might have to step on some people to move up. Will you?

I know you will. You are so scary.

Here i am and here i will be. I've never changed (character wise). Okay, except that i might have become a little bit (humble as ever) prettier over the years but that's about it. Just wanna make a living doing interesting things, and be able to have spare for the people i love. And doing whatever i'm doing now, pretty much gets me there and i am so grateful. For everything, everyone! Gosh i hate late nights. It makes me utterly thankful and emotional for the people who's been helpful.

I didn't change who i am but the things i do keeps getting better. So work wise, i'm changing to keep up the pace and spice up the beat. But how can you change and dispose of your character, just like that?

So!!! In five years time, hopefully i can own a small, tiny cozy little shop and sell the cheapest chioest cutest things you'd ever find. Hehe! But i'd keep blogging and tweeting! In case a ugly, unreasonable, rude and smelly customer walks in, i have a place to rant. Hehe.

I know who i am, 腳踏實地.
But you want people to know who you are, to know who you are.
Sibei sad.

So in five years time, i'd be a Tao Gey Nio!

Send in your resumes now! Haha!

Years, is not enough to know somebody, if she doesn't even know herself.


Coco Tai said...

Another very nice post...always so thoughtful! I usually skip through everyone's ramblings and just look at the photos on their blogs...except for yours...always read yours haha


Anonymous said...

im 18 and havent been on a plane so sad hor. ppl talk about their holidays i always keep quiet and pretend im not interested :(

Anonymous said...

Hello Qiuting! I really enjoyed your post here! :) I started reading your blog ever since i chanced upon it cause of Budget Barbie! And i think you're really pretty, you have really nice features but looks aside, i think you're a very real person! Like you say what you want and don't put on airs and stuff! really really enjoy your blog alot plus budget barbie too! stay pretty and happy!

and, to the anon up there! Don't be sad i haven't been on a holiday with my family before, like a real holiday. so its okay!!! :) i'm sure you'll be able to travel to many many places when you start working and earning money!

QiuQiu said...

Coco, thanks! You've been so sweet for very long!!! =)) But that doesn't stop me from hating you and your big, deep-set eyes =(( Lol.

Anon, don't worry! You gonna get on a plane someday! Like when you start working? =)) JIAYOU!!!

Anon, thank you =))