02 September 2011

All is bluff one =(

If you're following me on Twitter (yes please do so if you haven't, thank you lol) you'd know that i haven't been doing anything other than leading the social life.

The Sims Social life =.= I'm ashamed of myself.

BUT. IT IS SO FUN CAN YOU PLEASE DON'T PLAY!!! Cox sometimes too many people play at like 9pm - 11pm, the things always cannot load properly lol. And it's very laggy at the time.

Okay anyway.. Like said, i haven't been doing anything much. But i guess this is still part of my life.. Yeah, hours spent on Sims Social. So i'd blog about it anyway. As if it's not already loserish enough that i've been posting game updates on my facebook wall and other people's walls =((

And i blame Wendy for it cox she intro-ed the game to me. Lolol.

So this is my house =DDD

Anyone has any cheats on how to remove the grass and wild growths on the outdoor part of the premise? PLEASE TELL ME!!! I'm so irritated by the grass and all but i've wasted so much energy point clearing them, i've stopped trying.


And you can see Sophie and Wendy's avatar. She spent like ALL her Sims cash just to get pink hair I CANNOT BELIEVE. Sims cash is how precious!!! Lol. I AM NEVER GONNA PURCHASE IT. NEVER EVER. But i was so tempted thou =(

And if i neglect this space and neglect my life (as in real life) it's becox i not only have to man my own Sims life, i have to man my sister's Sims life. LOL.

My sister's house =D

It's not impressive cox i set it up just to send things to myself #LOSERMAX lolol.

BUT BUT BUT!!! I actually never wanted to keep intruding my sister's facebook account like this. I had to ask her to let me have access to her Facebook account so that i can use The Sims Social.. BECOX..

My boyfriend bluff me.

I asked him if i could use his Facebook to play the game and send myself stuff, like purely just for sending myself stuff. He said okay!

So i logged on, we set it up together.. AND..

He got hooked on to it himself =__="

NEVER MIND. Still keep asking me to send him stuff!!!!!!!!! Lololol.

So instead of living with the basic, he went on to beautify his house and upgrade his skills all.

ALL THESE ALSO NEVER MIND!!!!!!!!! Suan le! BUT!!!!!!!!!!

(this is his house)
HE IS NOW DATING MICHELLE (my bff in real life) IN SIMS!!!!!!!!

MICHELLE IS A PIG for accepting. Lolol. And excuse me, now they are not dating anymore. They are GOING STEADY. It's one step beyond dating *tear drop*

Lolol. Anyway, i can't go ask my bf to breakup with Mich to date me on Sims cox it'd have to be posted on his facebook wall and his facebook is all filled with his clients and work-associates.

Anyway, that is ROUGHLY how my boyfriend looks like, for those who are curious.

The tagline of The Sims Social - Build a home. Build a r/s. Build a life.


My sims can go to anyone's house and instead of saying hi, i can go straight to the showers and later go sleep on their bed. And then sometimes my sims will takeover the computer halfway through when the host is using it.

If not my Sims will be walking around in underwear and bra O.O

This is SO NOT socially-accepted here. Lol.

And in real life, playing The Sims Social just makes you very unsociable. No bluff you one.

How loserish it is to keep posting things like "I CAN COOK FROZEN VEGTABLES NOW!" and "I RECEIVED THE THREE COLOUR POTION" or whatever nonsense like this, on your wall. Lolol. It is very loserish.

And posting on your friends' walls asking for paintbrush, cheese, newspaper, books. Also will be a bit buay paiseh in real life. Lolol. BUT I STILL DO IT!!!

In conclusion.. The Sims Social will make you unsociable IRL.

I need to harvest the watermelon in my sister's garden tomorrow by 4pm. Kthxbai.


Beatrice Liew said...

LOL I'm also going crazy over the game. But I very depressed becos I created a sim with my bf's account but cannot date my sim becos got glitch!! Sad max.

Anonymous said...

i got addicted to it 2 days ago lol. my sim very ugly cuhs i didnt noe cn edit the clothes/hair when making it -_- HAIS

Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing how the game is like, now imma go play :D. I'm really curious to how your bf looks like :(.

smokë said...

Why is everyone so addicted to this? Anyway you got 39K coins not bad mah! ^^ Awwww you are jealous liao! I dont feel like playing because i swear i will be poisoned.

LifeGanics said...

~haha that was a great read...love your humor!! ^ . ^ ~

ChiaWei_Swift said...

hello QiuTing :) may i ask you something ? i wanna ask where did you get the SIMS games ? you downloaded it or buy it and load inside your computer ?

ChiaWei_Swift said...

Hello QiuQiu , may i ask you one question ? :) where did you get the Sims games ? you downloaded it or buy and load it into your computer ? if you downloaded it , can you teach me how to download it ? thanks ya ^^

Anonymous said...

Buy the CD of The Sims! When your game hang online, have another backup! And the real Sims have cheat codes!

Anonymous said...

Hey why so secretive about your boyfriend? Just asking.

whimsical.laura said...

noo how could you do this to me? =D saw your blogpost and had to try the game now im addicted. knew it! :P

Anonymous said...

Hey guys. Qiuqiu didnt download the game. Its The Sims Social on facebook.

Anonymous said...

Uh, oh! Boyfriend going stray on SIMS? E-dultery! (:o)

Anonymous said...

hi can i ask you how do you send furniture from one acc to another ? i tried but only can send those stupid stuff that they give like energy or donut :(

Anonymous said...

why did you bf asked your bff to be his gf on sims in the first place??

Anonymous said...

Im waiting for you to dress up as ShanShan in your previous post! =)

minidotx said...

I just started playing on Friday and I'm addicted already! I swear it's an evil game...
My cash value is now 0 and I don't even know what I clicked. T__T

CC said...

Funny post ttm! Made me rofl. I spent all my sim cash on a dress and regretting now. :((

whimsical.laura said...

freakin love your house! beautiful. i want to see sophies and wendys :) please

Anonymous said...

you didnt remove your bf name at one of the pic!!

Anonymous said...

u can ask ur bf to break up with ur bff! it wont be published on his page unless he chose to! then u can happily date ur bf ^^

Anonymous said...

A little tip for you if you're still playing!

Go to http://www.sims-social.com/search/label/Free :)